I compose music for motion pictures, commercials, television, video games and everything that looks and feels better with music.

For me there are two types of music:
The one you just hear and the one you feel.

Music takes you deeper into the action, the excitement, the love and the pain. It tells a story and let’s you feel the images.

Thanks to various projects on stage and behind the scenes I was able to find and forge my own voice to tell these stories in all kinds of genres or instruments.

As a composer it is my job to lift the audience into the air, let them fall back to the ground but always lend a hand and guide the audience through the experience that they’re a part of.

I write music.
I write emotions


  • Connector.

    Musicube Academy Bonn (2011-2012)

    – Film music composer

  • Connector.

    Deutsche POP Frankfurt Main ( 2013-2015)

    – Film music composer
    – Orchestrator
    – Arranger
    – Audio Engineer
    – Recording Engineer